A Psych-K balance is a process designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the brain. This “whole-brain-state” is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new beliefs that support your goals rather than block them

What is PSYCH-K
and How It Can Help You

What is the one area in your life that you feel you seek change, empowerment or need a deep seated pain released?

PSYCH-K is a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 30 years!

What is the one area in your life that you feel you seek change, empowerment or need a deep seated pain released?

Start listening to what you say to yourself and others when you are stressed, it’s a great indicator of what beliefs you most probably have at your subconscious.

Look at how your life is unfolding, are there repetitive patterns that you can notice? Then you can learn how to CHANGE BELIEFS.

Can PSYCH-K change all your limiting beliefs in one session? No, it can’t.

Can PSYCH-K change a major limiting belief in one session? Yes it can. Like fear of the dentist, snakes, spiders, or a deep seated pain like death of a pet. Other times it is like peeling an onion, every session you peel one layer to finally get to the core of the situation/condition.

We have a permission protocol so the client is always in charge. 

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Certified PSYCH-K And B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Helga Mehandiratta
Tewantin, Queensland
Phone: 0403 923 909
Email: helga@yourkeytowellness.com 


I’ve had several treatments with Helga in different disciplines. I felt at ease straight away. Her Shiatsu-massage treatments are amazing and sorted me out when I needed it. To experience her skill to balance out my energy levels and support my body's needs was a gift. Definitely coming back..

Having had several sessions with Helga , I experienced shifts in old believe system of mine, that no longer had value or importance in my life . This shift then allowed me to move on ,  releasing and dropping old baggage in a gentle way .
The sessions where highly beneficial for me and Helga is a wonderful, non judgemental
facilitator / practitioner that I can highly recommend.

Helga is naturally gifted in facilitating healing and assisting others to move beyond their limiting beliefs, behaviors and current circumstances. Helga uses her intuition and her professional tools to assist and awaken others to experience more freedom, wellbeing and deeper insight. Helga will help you to create healthy, long lasting empowering change!

Despite being in a lot of pain I managed to dodge the dentist due to fear and anxiety. The day after my first session with Helga (on Skype) I was in the dentist chair and at times it felt like ‘a fairy in my mouth’ not anxiety monsters of the past. I have been three more times. Helga is truly a gifted healer and genuinely holds the scared space for you and your subconscious mind to change the current circumstance that you are facing.

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